What ‘trumps’ “Law” ?

Basicly, we have
Universal Law
One All-Overarching & Underpinning ‘Astronomical’ ‘Law’
‘dichotomising into

A. Natural Law
– in turn dichotomising into
.1. Physical-&-Material Law
,2, Life-&-Biological Law.

B. Human-Civilisational Law :
in turn dichotomising –

Let us take a a few steps or ‘jumps’ forward now – to the ‘command-law’ of
“No-one is above the Laur human-conductw”

( we need to be already-into the ‘nitty-gritty’; 
so stay with this now, please,
like a stretch of ‘crazy-paving’ or a ‘jigsaw’)

Laws and Rules must both constructively-guide and preventatively-limit, our human conduct and (as far as is definitive) our various ‘behaviours’.

Reasoning, using Verbal-Logic in both writing and speech, is one such:
and to ‘complete’ this initial introduction
“No-one is ‘above’ Logic”.
UK PM Theresa May
has publicly summarily-but-loose-endedly-quoted
and declared that
“No-one is above the Law”

in ad hominemly “attacking the messenger” instead of “tackling the message [successfully delivered by that messenger]”
namely “World-Peoples-Protector” Mr Julian Assange
“broken-the-law” herself already –

and there are literally ‘millions’ of other instances in Politiucs, Governance and the Judiciary-Itself including within Religious Dogmas
the Law is being ‘legally’, including constitutionally, broken”

has publicly declared that”No-one is above the Law”