Guidance Sources to Follow

Having copied lists
[from or]
and seen post below
“You are being ‘puppeted’ “

where you can “Look inside” most if not all of those books
and buy any, new or ‘used-clean’
for home-delivery within a day or two –
join the Kindle-online-reading ‘club’ for lower-cost, sometimes free, reading.

The main “thing” you/we can be doing
is actually finding-and-evaluating for home-delivery within a day or two
a good number of sober non-fiction advances in
Individual and Collective Human-Development-Essentials
that are being avoided or outrightly ‘suppressed’
including by
Governments, Communities, Schools, Universities, and Popular-Media,
We can each be non-competitively

and then cooperatively,
“self-improving-&-all-round-&-in-depth co-enabling”