‘The’ Now-Ultimate ?

For all the “almighty” progresses made
and daily being-made*
by we-humans**

still we are having to
“see –
‘to wake-up-to’ –
the damage-&-destruction
to Earthlife
to our very own Lifesupports”
that we are “amok”-doing

and to actually
face-up-to-a-likelihood of
our own Self-Extinction 
increasingly-possibly now – within this our own lifetime.

we can see real & really-good advances
in Knowledge and Know-How
having been made,
and still being made,
by real life-leaders
[such as are not being allowed, supported,
nor followed,
nor notified-to-publics
by prevailing ‘powers-that-be’].
One such ongoing “life-leader” is actually the ‘co-head’
of a ‘top-level-worthy’ worldwide ‘Team’
endeavouring to make-peace and to
solve the Life-Threatening Predicaments
that are so insidiously deceiving and ‘swallowing-us-whole’ :

but are being listed and published –
{[ including by these three not-for-profit e-sites largely because
many such advances are being
by both Governments and Universities ]}.

{ Are you there, Amy & Andy Mindell –
please be forewarned a little }

Probably the best work-of-peace-and-thrival-survival
being done on this planet
is being published successfully
but not “catching-on” successfully –
currently there is their 2019 publication

The Leader’s 2nd Training  –
for your life and our world.

Let us consider just two critical-points,
that may be at least
“parts of the specific and/or the overall failure-problem” :-
(1) Omission of distinction between-&-betwixt
Workplace(s) and Lifeplace(s);
and between-&-betwixt
their respectively “owned” or “need/duty/right to ‘own’ “
“Skillings” (for-and-in Workplaces)
“Enablements” (for-and-in Lifeplaces)…

(And so on and so forth with other “perhaps-peccadillo”
omissions or unwitting-oversights)

The [highly-probable] factor
not only are all the hierarchical workers
in the ‘Mindells’-Team’
being paid more than one-human-living each
but so are the Mindells themselves.

Possibly these factors already might be ‘adding-up-to’ being a
or at least
“frogs-blocking-up-the-fountain” or “spanners-in-the-works”}

———————- Allow us to pause for at least a “quick gasp of ‘air'” ———————-

.* progresses currently by ‘leaders’,
but also “perhaps-lesserly”
of our now ~ 8-billion total numbers,
and these all
the deep-&-and historicly-numerous
achieved by “Field-leaders”
[e.g. Aristotle, Boadicia, Confucious,
Ghandi, Herakles, ‘Jesus’, Newton, …].

.** “we ( who-are-doing)”
as distinct from
(for whom things were done, and/or are being done, and/or will-be-done)