New BREXIT Warning

The UK’s “new” BREXIT-Political-Party is a ‘thinly-veiled WARNING” –

It has reasonably-obviously been
for immediate and short-terms only –

The UK, and the EU – will either
have completed the exit in a matter of a few
days, weeks, months or years
arranged for the UK to remain within the EU, for considerably longer than that.
The Much-Greater-Prevailing and More-Threatening
Worldwide-Predicaments and ‘Infra-British Issues’

are still being “hidden” from the World and the British Public
and being
“pending-basketed” and mostly “under-the-pending basket concealed”
by all Authorities
not only ‘British’
but Worldwide –

the “worst”
is still being “weasel-wordedly-announced”
[even by our “world-leading Sir David Attenborough” on world-visible TV]
as being a “Climate Change Final Warning”