Common-sense history tells us that
before we humans ever
and began further using words
we first silently-ish
whatever was necessary.

That chronological [ “timeframing” ] essential becomes increasingly important, and often ‘urgent’
to be both comprehended and competenced –

we each need to be able to figure-out such Situations in-wordss
do genuinely try to clearly-convey –

Take the following sequence
where we need to have

1. a Preparation,
2. an Action-Beginning,
3. an Intermediary or ‘Middle-Action’, as the a Main-Thing
4. a “Preparation to End”
5. the Ending;
6. the Rounding-off
and later
7. the Retrospective-Evaluation.


I usually lie down on my back.

very rarely have I ever ‘gone down on all fours’;
but ‘I can’.

Likewise when I ‘go to bed’
I sit on the edge of the bed, then turn 90 degrees down onto my back.

We each and all do need
a real-live, and proven-reliable
and as essentially we also need
a number of non-fiction Guidance books and DVDs –

one main book or ‘manual’ –
one being reasonably encompassingly thorough and up-to-date
will be in the Human Life and Individual Development Foundation-Field of
advancing us in both new-knowledge & new know-how .

I have been studying quite a number of such books
and this morning found for the first time that

although they are new and thorough in both knowledge and know-how
none of them specificly advised me for instance
“kneel up onto your bed such that you can
change your weight
from side-to-side, and backwards-to-forwards, and up-and-down;
and can do the
“make-yourself-as-small-as-you-can” – foetal-crouch’ or shrink”
and also
“kneel upright” (a bit like a meerkat would look)

before then either going down flat on your face
or turning down to be flat-on-your-back.
No doubt such a real-life leader as Dr Claire Weekes
[book More Help For Your Nerves ]
instead of
“I said it was ‘simple’ – I did not say it is ‘easy’!
would have been able to say
” We can say that this is both simple and easy!”

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