Current Foci

Since “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”
finds itself “self-tasking”

be finding-and-carrying-forward
the many priorities of
“sustainworthy things and people”
from the “old” still-dominating/domineering civilisations,
whilst also helping to practice and institute
‘newly-sustainworthy’ things and people


as immediately and progressively
find and be ‘selecting-out’
non-sustainworthy and anti-sustainworthying
things-&-people –

the ‘composite’ range, diversity and quality/quantity of “Sustainworthinessing” Foci
has become “by definition & existence”
greater than any such previous focus needed to include in its Overall Task

So –
let us start-into appraising a few non-fiction publications, such as now
The Survival Group Handbook 
by Charley Hogwood [and ‘compatriots’]
Joining Together
by Johnson & Johnson

and a few other non-fictions ‘covering’
“All and Sundry”
of the global-population of 8 billion people.
We can see that the Hogwood publication is a veritable “tour-de-force” of essentials –
now needs to be developed-forwards
(i) to include all of those people ‘selected-out’
by “his”
Survival -Community-Design.
We could turn to the long-established J & J
Joining Together
successive editions;
not just “keep a look-out for ‘relevant-others’but pro-actively seek them out –
such as
“A Normally-Sustainworthy Lifestyle & Emergency-Survival Handbook for the Disabled & Impaired & Their-Carers”.