Sustainworthying Guidances

No one book is available to cover all domains necessasry around
Movements’ Needs-&-Hows”.

Such Guidance Input is needed
“bottom-up democraticly”
from every one
of the World’s 8,000,000,000,000 human-beings
which in turn needs a United Nations organised and administered
and emergency-survival
information gathering focus –
worldwide. “

A significantly substantial number of such non-fiction Guidances
have been published,
and the details of some of their titles and authors and contents
are given
via not-for-profit, power nor prestige voluntary e-sites .

One such book, which is worthy to be purchased, critically-studied,
and have many parts included in “Co-Sustainworthying”
and included in a further-greater-advancing similar publication
notionally titled
“The Life and Survival Society Guidebook”
containing the “sustainworthy” parts of the already published and welcomed
The Survival Group’s Handbook 
(On just one page we see that
(“) it is improbable that such a Survival Group exists, and is open to you,
in your locality;
in which case you simply have to “go it alone” (“)

and other “lifestyle-sustainworthying” books and parts-therefrom
which have not stood up to scrutiny –
e.g. that – “Command is usually not Leadership” –

is not a ‘command’ or
‘power’- position [over “subordinates”]
but a
Facilitative one for Followers
{essentially backed by the leaders’ own transparent and emulable lifestyle }

certain “foggy”, “misinformed” or “enthymemed” contents
nevertheless need to be
publicly “shown-up”  

However, Alas!
Fatigue is setting-in again
here at this “Sustainworthying Life-Station”
– like upon “Atlas – carrying the world on his shoulders” –

calling it ‘a day’ at 2100 Thu 040419,