Sense-vs-Meaning Note

“Meanings” come ‘simply’ as more and even more words:

“Sense” is indicating the thing itself,
and it is suggested,
any ‘physiological-emotional-mind-functional’
sensing, perception, interpretation, and memory-imaging
of it itself, not of ‘its-word-descriptions/definitions’ . . .

This is vital “up-front”
when considering any “publication”, “submission” or “communication”

simply because
to coin a comparison-contrast
“Every-thing ‘civilised’ is a ‘wolf-in-sheeps-clothing”

The below publications’ authors
probably are all “drawing many more than
from the Common Purse-&-Enviroment –

and that,
being a “corruption-within-the-‘Relevant-God’-itself “

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”

=================for the time-being ================= 0741