Our Tangled Predicament

Our whole worldwide Human Civilisation
each of us individual human-beings
have been “unawarely” getting ourselves and our ‘world’
an increasingly tight
and maybe already “un-do-able”
Gordian-knot-like “entanglement”.

Take, for instance, just the current flurry of reaction in the U.K. over
“youth delinquent behaviours” and “knife-crime” –

how might we more coolly but thoroughly
such matters ?

To begin with, we need to “clear the decks”
our decks
at home, too
of useless and impeding “twoddle” and “claptrap”-
e.g. that we have a
high-achieving “education” and “social-mobility”
career-ladders-structure –
“perfect” enough to exclude
much new advances
in Knowledge & Practical-Know-How.
analyse in detail
the differences and distinctions between

Our Western World one-eyed human-body-development focus on
“Strength and Speed Fitness”
has resulted in much U.K. youth achieving both strength and speed –
but alas! are being “left-out, and “left behind”
often actually “banned” from “Social-Participation”.

They have growing-youth-naturally, and civiisationlly-dutifully,
learned and made-ready

and become both-strong and fast

have been otherwise majorly-neglected
and by every Authority
and have not been mind-&-discernment educated
and physiologically-trained
“up-to-solo-trust” standard.

The Authorities have also failed to adequately inform every-one
(here, especially including those knife-carrying youths)
as to the need to be “unequivocal” in matters of description and definition
e.g. that both the Descriptive dictionary and Psychology glossary have made it clear that
much “human behaviour”
is actually beyond the individual’s self-control

-such as longstanding ‘indoctrinations’ and other ‘habits’ –
and such other “beyond-our-self-control” as hormones,
and the kinds of food eaten beforehind –

all of which are “behaving-you”
almost or completely without your knowing it –
but a teacher, doctor, police-person or parent
should know that
in a very real sense, individuals can not “behave-theirselves”.

So it is really no good telling someone to “behave yourself”.