Timeframing this “Crunch”

Firstly, most “here & now” timeframes have both larger overall timeframes around them, and smaller timeframes within them.

Take the timeframings of today’s progressively aging children,
and of their parents.
The child makes timeframes as compatibly as possible with his/her first 21 years of life, i.e. of his/her 7-fold maturation stages up to age 21 when the final “innate divine human-energy centre at the fontanelle of the crown at the rop of the head has been ‘tackled’, comprehended, and brought wholly under the growing child-adult’s overall self-control mastery.

Whilst the parents (should) have been watching and ‘steering’ those children into a very-long-term and seriously-survival-focused Future; which the children have also been gradually coming to comprehend
and ‘face-up-to’ & ‘own’, their own selves.

There continually keeps turning up
a new “problem” “issue” “barrier” or “sabotage”
against our many and various
‘going-into-the-future’ top-priority and vital timeframings.

How may we adopt some reliable “Timeframing Model” ?

Well, it’s easily ‘guessable’ that a simple squared-paper chart will suffice,
and, like History time-lining, we add to a self-journalling notebook
our individually-personal ‘plan’ for progressing into and on through the Future.

e.g. Decide a longest-term-Timeframe –
from earliest-likely
“today/tomorrow/this week”
onwards in months, years, decades, centuries, millennia –
“furthest possible or likely longest-term of (say) 1 million years” –
– – –