“Values” vs “Private-People”

Forenote:- Since the whole-world is now ‘battling’
under not only real external environmentally-material complexities
but 23/7 criminally-irresponsible “fake-newses”, “spin-doctorings” and “cover-ups”;
this “1sr-draft” contains widely-ranging attempts to find right-descriptive words and word-combinations.

Thank you.
Let’s “plunge on” into this “verbal-jungle”

Why are ‘we‘,
civilisation’s nearly 8 billion people,
either unable or unwilling
or both
to be keeping up-to-date our
Values-Progress” ?

and why also still failing to establish
both a
United Nations led
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement”
a Worldwide Lifeplace Individual Human Enablements Model
& Its Necessary ‘Delivery’ to Every Voluntary Individual
Neighbourhoods Androgogical Co-Development
Educational-Infrastructure & International Networking

a similarly Worldwide Generic and Voluntary
Wholistic Wellness & Health Building
Sector ?

An Increasing number of ‘sober-minded and mature’ observers
such as Noam Chomsky
are reporting hitherto “hidden” facts, factors, situations and predicaments,
such as ongoing failures of often new as well as older “reforms”
such as
Continued Ancient Fantasy-Hierarchies
[both Over-shadowing and Under-lurking
Individual Capitalism,
A Hidden Increasingly Private, Powerful-& Super-Wealthy Micro-Elite;
which is probably (alas!) also deliberately planning both the onset- and the ending- dates of civil-unrests
and of apparently “un-controllable” civil- and inter-national wars
is thereon subsequently
further self-deludedly & mass-deludingly
Mass-Financialisation, De-personalisation,
and the
“Continuing-Conning, Conflating, and Mindlessnessing”
of the
Adversarially-Corrupt and Under-Educated Masses …

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