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Although our Overall
Open & Transparent Peacefully-Reformative Purpose

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”

is being “inhibited”, “blocked”, “downplayed”, “ignored” –
here in
and in its ‘older’ supports
[ see also reference below]

is voluntarily-altruistic
not-for-profit, power nor prestige,

revealing good non-fiction advances

at least partly-out-of- ‘your’ paid-up taxes

both the UK’s and Australia’s Taxpayers’ and VAT monies
pay my state-pension

which in-turn has a ‘duty’
to ‘feedback’ whatever is discovered to be manipulatedly and/or exploitatively
generally widely ‘overlooked’

and is all-too-often being
completely and deliberately suppressed
by the Media,
by Universities,
by Central and Local Governments,
and by
Successively ‘Downwards’ Organisations & Groups

and as a ‘submissor’ to
the UK House of Lords’s small-voluntary “reach-out”
two-way to the Public

—- In Progress and to be Continued — ( jsdm 1905 Sr 23032019 — 1910 )—->