UN & Earth’s Lifesupports

The following submission was just emailed
to the UN’s given public-contact email address :-

Subject: EarthLife’s Future & Our Civilisational and Personally-Individual Sustainworthying.

Please see voluntarily-altruistic 
and not-for-profit, power or prestige e-sites 

 What is the UN doing to (further) establish

(1)  Individual Human Development as a worldwide-implementable model ?
(2)  “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” likewise as a worldwide Knowledge  and practuical Know-How 
“Unfinishable Education for the Lifeplace” (128 hrs/week “After-Hours”);
as distinct from 
Trainings & Skillings for Workplaces (40 hrs/week ‘base’) .

Is the UN able and willing to support both the above Innovations
and (thereto)
Local Neighbourhoods “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” androgogical life-education associations, groups, and ‘sub-groups’  .

But the tail-end of the message was “truncated” – W”encoded” ?

[please see "Three-Sided Cooperatively-Participatory-Democratisation"
and "One human being needs just one human living" posts.


Yours faithfully,

John Sydney Denton

39B Miles Mitchell
Avenue PL6 5LY;  U.K.  01752772678;  07936035565.
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Intake 1 Royal
Military Academy Sandhurst graduate 1948;

 now aged 91
"lone-voluntarily-altruisticly" endeavouring to run the above three
and as President JF Kennedy said:
 {"} "Anyone not supporting peaceful revolution is (wittingly or
unwittingly) supporting ‘bloody’ ones" ["]


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