Pots calling Kettles “Black”

We “The People”
should have constitutional Institution
whereby we can
in such cases as
calling the EU ‘black’
(with ‘corruption’)
and the
“EU calling Britain ‘black’
(with ’embezzlement’)” –

we should have been
able-and-willing to
make both of them
by instituting and constituting
“decades ago”
(i) the
“Method III
Needs-&-Hows Recognising
Cooperatively-Participative Problem Solving”

1925 Th 070319

And also both
Lifeplace Individual Human Development Co-education
and a
‘People-Run’ Wholistic Wellness Building sector,
in its own ‘right’
distinctly separately from the pre-existing
but now ‘unsafe’ and ‘ultra-over-costly’
“National Hospitals, Illnesses & Pharmacological” sector.

Such peacefully-positivising reforms
would ‘answer’
a whole ‘devil’s-encyclopaedia’ of Big Issues
(currently such as “Knife Crime” in the UK at least) **

.** but see also in today’s BBC News report of one English institution’s
“Self-Balancing and ‘Limitsing”
Body-Shaping Movement
supported by
‘matching music’
impromptu other expressivenesses

————– 1943 for 2100 Th 070319 jsdm ———-