“One Thing At A Time …”

We will always need to be “timeframing”
and “re-timeframing”
our “Heres & Nows”
and our
“what-nexts ?” & “what-fors?”
and so-on.

‘Always’ also we need to be “shaping” and “re-shaping” ourselves,
be “balancing” and “re-balancing”.

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”.

Many will have already found ‘personal-support’ and ‘energicity’
just from “dipping into”
any one of the non-fiction Sources and Guidances
many of which are being listed and supported within
this e-site
and from

“This above all, to thine own self be true”.

“Mens sana in corpore sano”
{A sane mind in a healthy body}

we can “iinterpretively bring-forward” as

“Nice and Easy Does It All The Time”
“There Ain’t No Sense, Sitting On a Fence – All By Yourself In The Moonlight”

and further remindfully ‘analyse’ such popular phrases as

“One Day Thing At A Time,
Sweet Jesusgee it’s-us
That’s all we’re asking of You” –

and note also that
‘qualifies’ Jesus
to be


(“) Wheresoever two or three of you are gathered together, ‘in my name’, there also shall I be, and will grant thy requests (“)

(“) Whatsoever ye shall ordain on Earth shall be also ordained in Heaven”(“)
Note: ‘Jesus’ was speaking from the longer-standing social Judaist
national ‘office’ of ‘Christ’ *;
so our correct interpretation of His words needs to be
as coming from
‘Office-on-Earth’ –
{any present or future Occupant of which
might not have a name such as ‘Jesus’ [?] }
.*. To this day the term “nation” is definitively only The People
[not  the Infrastructures,
nor the Land and its boundaries,
nor the established-Governance –
those are ‘lumped-together’ under the term 

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