Like the “Heres & Nows”,
and “Prioritisings”
have wide and varying ranges of “frames”

{ timeframes; importances ‘versus’ urgencies”; “needs ‘versus’ sustainworthy-hows” – as so on and so forth }”

(and therein of the “framing” time we are taking
to set up or choose those “-frames”)

So our personal daily life has timeframes,
an overall 24 hours timeframe would be our encompasasing “Here & Now”
within which
“Sub-heres-and-nows” would be
(i) the quarter-day timeframes
Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
each of 6 hour “heres-&nows”:

(to use the same sort of “chunking up and/or down”
as does the NLP Movement}
one may further chunk up or down
when we use the 90 minutes sleep-cycle by day
it becomes [by science findings] a 180 minutes @pendulum between the right side of the brain and body ‘leading’ or the left side;

yet we may still ‘chunk-down’ into 45 minutes timeframes,
22mins30secs – 11minus 15secs –

my cellphone’s “Reminder” has a 9 minutes “snooze” function for me
(and sometimes for ‘the-concerned-people-at-the-next-table’, too !)