My instantiation here-&-now might be :-
As a boy, I found ‘church’ to be a ‘safe-place’,
where i could also ‘soak-up’ some clear clean advice
without being caned afterwards
if I didn’t remember it all ‘verbatim’
as we sometimes were in ‘school’;

and a young ‘preacher’ had said some brief
but to my mind “life-essential” short sentences
which are still available from my memory after more than eighty years:

“Put yourself in God’s place for a moment …”

” Our term ‘Spiritual’ has a special significance
perhaps in direct contrast with the ‘Worldly’;
for every-thing in the ‘Worldly’
comes at a money-and material ‘price’ –
materially the ‘giver’ is ‘impoverished’
whilst the ‘receiver’ is ‘enriched

on the ‘other hand’ in such a place as this
when I give you or you find some ‘spiritual’
‘knowledge’ and possibly ‘know-how’
you are indeed ‘enriched’
but neither I nor the church is ‘impoverished‘”.

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