Wikipedia “delaying” ?

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Wikipedia has emailed me with email-confirmation, and a further form to complete, which did have a “Save” buttonĀ –

so I’d now say –

[and still ‘non-paranoidly’
because there is some ‘negative’-factuality and/or ‘enthymeming’ in the intercommunication so far]

that ‘probably’ Wikipedia is going to puiblish the Matter I submitted.
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The following has just been submitted,
correctly and conformingly I believe,
to Wikipedia
but their site demands
that their “Save” button be pressed
before the submission
can be accepted and published:

but there is no such “Save” button visible !

Creating Sustainworthiness

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+“Worthy of sustainment” – “sustain”’ability”'” itself may turn out to have been “non-sustain”’worthy”'”.
+Sustainworthiness and “Sustainworthying” are about the worthiness of anything and anybody
+to being-sustained “both immediately and longest-term futurely”.
+A historical instance might be the case of the Third Reich versus “The Free World” 1939 to 1945.:
+Had Hitler won WW2, the Third Reich could have become “sustainable” for more than a thousand years;
+but our “Free World” problem was that that Third Reich was neither “immediately” nor “longest-term” “sustainworthy”.
+Since that time, researchers have been finding that large organisations, small bodies,
+and certain ‘cliques’ and individuals,
+are “scoring” highly in [as it were] “non-sustainworthiness”
+and many are actually failing in sustainability too
+[“no names no pack drill” at this stage]…
+Three altruisticly-voluntary and not-for-profit, power nor prestige “Sustainworthying” e-sites exist
+using the purpose heading “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”
+extendable with such words as “Movement-Improvement Movements”:
+ ; ; ;
+and their “publisher” John Sydney Denton Miles has also been voluntarily contributing
+to the UK Westminster House of Lords’s voluntary-small-group of members ‘two-way public reach-out’
+ (over 600 submissions published verbatim since May 2010).
+There appears to be no positive nor ‘meaningful’ interest in, nor response to, this Matter of “Sustainworthying”.
+(Submitted to Wikipedia by JSDM 1902pm Wednesday 06032019).

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