A Reasonable Scenario ?

{ As always,
having first self-clarified
including with one’s own symptoms & “signs-potentials” –
which ‘deserve’ a new post to follow this quite-high-priority one –

we do need to start seriously “mapping”
as well as our Surrounding-Civilisational’s,
yet often contrasting even conflicting
scenarios : }

so  ——–>

“Matter can neither be created nor (be) destroyed” [by Man]
“Evolution can be done only by Nature; Man simply ‘alters’,”
“God creates; Man makes”.
“One human being needs just one human living”.

“Without sustainworthiness,
both “immediate”
and “longest-term”
mere ‘economic’-suatainability
can quickly be tsunami-like overtaken
by such “here-&-now” traditional ‘culturisms’ as

“Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die”
We shan’t be here to see Civilisation collapse”.
“Live for today, for tomorrow may never come”.  

“It’s A Lovely Day Tomorrow,Tomorrow Is A Lovely Day”, 
“It’s A Lovely Day Today”  
“Forever and Ever”
“…Until the 12th of Never – and That’s A Long, Long Time …”  

And so on and ad-nauseam “so forth”.

http://lifefresh.net is here in support for
both “immediate” and “longest-term”