Sustainworthying II

New Arrivals

Serious Non-Fiction Books

(by Parag Khanna).

The Naked Voice 
(by W.Stephen Smith with Michael Chipman)

We may be reminded that
most if not all human ability, disposition, behaviour and conduct
is learned,
akin to memorising a part-in-a-play

and that in many cases
it is ‘pre-set’ or ‘pre-controlled’ by one’s hormones, food-&-foreign intake,
and by indoctrination, and previous-habituationing :
indeed, such is an established kind of
professional-psychology descriptive-definition.

{ Thus one literally can-not‘ honestly be expected, ordered, threatened ‘or else’,
“behave-oneself” }


we need to “keep on improving our acting, “performance”, abilities

and voice-improvement is certainly one such ongoing enablement and self-practicing possibilities