Sustainworthying I

Need & Aim

To make and maintain
Human-Civilisation and Each-Human-Being
up-to-date & future-readying.

How ?

Through a peacefully-reformative Movement of
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement”

Methodological Detail

A new and worldwide
Cooperatively Participatory Democratisation
Foundational Process
is required.
Guidances and Sources for this Reformation are already being progressively listed
Practically and Prioritisationally,
of equal priority must stand
(both) Sustainworthying Ability-&-Willingness
“Territorial-Security” – for untrammeled implementation
Formal Co-Sustainworthying Meetings and Administrations.


Lone Self-Preparation
is clearly the first and “sine-qua-non” prerequisite
i.e. or e.g.
Not only
“get key-guidances and know-hows ‘mindfully’ read-up”
“get personally doing them”.
This new Cooperatively-Participatory Foundation
prequisitely needs
(i) Three able-&-willing inter-communicable
as ‘strangers’ persons
to bring to the table-top

{ (as well as perhaps a flask-of-tea
and a packet of Low-Salted Rice Crackers or the like) }

one “Sustainworthying” document or book
The Fixed Equilateral Three-Sided Tables
would each be “pencil-lined” with successive circles
to facilitate and control
the CPD** progressively-unanimous-promotion
into the very “new-constitutional-centre”
one at a time ‘clock-wisely’
of such sustainworthying books and documentals
of Sources, Guidances and/or Relevant-Informations

** Cooperatively Participatory Democratisational
As well as each tribunal-foundation table –
the ensuing Plenum table must also
be kept cleared
of all pre-established or pre-sustainworthying documentation
including of Constitutions;
Religious books – including Bibles-and the-Like ;

and be kept cleared of

All Pre-Sustainworthying-Reformational material.

Only the newly-submitted and unanimously-promoted material, books, and ‘evidentials’
from each and all of the three-sided table-units
are to be allowed to be and to remain on any table or in any ‘holding’-centre’
and such
material/guidance-knowledges & know-hows
shall be required to be securely maintained
in the
(‘by now’)

——————— being continued —————-

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