Iniating Sustainworthying.

the new Cooperatively-Participatory Democratisation Unit
is to be a
‘Three-Sided Table’s
seriously-committing persons
coming as
‘Lone’ ‘Strangers’ [*]

each person needs to be self-preparing-by-doing
the necessarily prerequisite

and thereafter can begin forming a table-‘twosome’
by actually having and beginning to sit at a triangular table –

to which an ‘imaginary’ – or rather ‘proxied’ – third participant
could be ‘present’
in the form of an already highly-prioritised book-at-a-time from the
Lists of Basics, Foundations and Sources & Guidances
published within these three Sustainworthying e-sites – .

Every time that third participant’s turn comes,
vis a vis the proposed book’s advancement one-ring at a time
into the proposed constitutional centre
some comment already published by this Sustainworthying-Publisher
could be added
(the ‘verbatim rule being just a matter of copying the words-published)
[*] To prevent pre-formed ‘cliques’
of-two or three
dominating the proceedings.’

—————– xxx . . . Happy Praccying ! . . . zzz————–.