“Life Keys”

Most individuals reading this will want a “compositely-sevure” Future
i.e. an immediate, and Longest-Term, Sustainworthy
as well as Sustainable
for both one’s individual-self and one’s whole civilisation.

And the Keys to such Long-lasting Life are many and various
and need to be accessible to every-one-of-us-humans-on-this-Earth

and no one individual can know them all

and yet each person needs have access to all of the keys
in order that as many keys as possible are being consciously and increasingly ably carried-forward.


We’ve already seen how the “one page at a time” keys from listed advances such as
People Skills  
Your Body  
Six Thinking Hats
How To ‘Win’ Every Argument

can be instantly “liberating”
as well as longest-term practically-enabling.

We’ve seen only this week how quite brief ‘keys’ can both ‘open’ and ‘feed’ one’s mind and heart :-

Men are too aggressive when they bomb countries.
Women are too aggressive when they put you on hold on the phone
(Laura Liswood

Those not supporting a peaceful revoluion
are, wittingly or unwittingly, supporting bloody-revolutions
(President JF Kennedy).

It takes only one new key per day to quite quickly be building
both yourself and your civilisation
into an increasingly -sustainworthy-&-sustainable ‘world-wide partnership’ and ‘co-sustainworthying Homo sapiens sapiens Humankind-race on Earth.
Today a ‘string’ of such “true, powerful & ‘liberating’ keys – or “micro-keys” appeared on this “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying lifeplace-desk
in the form of two non-fiction books,

and they give some 300 distinct and self-clarification-enabling ‘keys’
in the form of statements and arguments that are false, fallacious, –
but once you’ve taken them in act to liberate and enable you in this ‘Predicamental-World’ today :-
“Factual Errors are not Logical Fallacies”

from Logically Fallacious by
Bo Bennett, PhD :-

whose motto is
“Expose an irrational belief. keep a person rationalfor a day.
Expose irrational thinking, keep a person rational for a lifetime”.
“Tone Policing”
is relatively common, and many people in an argument will try to focus on the tone-of-voice rather than on the matter-being-said. :

e.g. Becky,
( James’s sister)
was sent home from school for
“violating the dress code”
but when James visits the principal,
the latter rejects the whole matter, by rejecting James’s anger
rather than on the actual reasoning factors being communicated.
from the thin book
Logical Fallacies – 
Do You Make These Mistakes in Reasoning ?
by Scott Lovell.