As if the ‘domineering’ fact that –

The “Lurking-Elite” –
from their “above-the-highest” privately-protected levels
World Adversarisms
and therein
the Judiciaries’ and Rule-of-Law’s
modus operandi
“…let’s you-and-them  ‘fight’ …”


The successively-downwards “Workplace-Pay-Graded” levels
the likewise on-downwards
“Lifeplace Prestige, Wealth, and Influence” levels
are ruled by the elitely-concealed Purpose that
those same World Adversarisms
and those same orders-of-
mindset-control, boundarying, motivation, action,
and of both general and focal inhibitioning

for instance the various sorts and severities

As if that and more were not enough to set us clarifying our words and our minds
such that we can make ourself willing and able to support
a truly-longest-term sustainworthying
peaceful -revolution …
A part of my impaired
but state-pensioned and gratefully-active
is to be not-for-profit, power nor prestige ‘voluntary-altruisticly’ running three e-sites
the Intention of which is to

(i) find, and give details of to the Public of,
published non-fiction Sources, Advances and Guidances which Governments
and/or other Public-Serving Authorities
such as the Media, Universities. Schools, Public-Libraries, Religions, and Non-Governmental-Organisations
[such as the Citizens Advice Bureaux, Shelter, Carers HUB, and MIND]
are deliberately inhibiting
and even excluding from “existence”
[in the case of Universities, great armsful
of such good, true and helpful advances
are being left off computer- catalogues].

Now I have just paused a replay of a TV
“Waking the Dead” social and police corruption case [‘Boyd versus Vine’]
to get my old self up from the chair and find a ‘new’ non-fiction book that arrived yesterday

Women and Leadership by Deborah Rhode
on page 10 of which appears an instance of how a quite short message can be quite salutarily
“life-changing” :-

Men are too aggressive when they bomb countries.
Women are too aggressive when they put you on hold on the phone”.
Laura Liswood.

Because it seems increasingly certain that we are,
as individual, ‘private’ persons
and sometimes ‘together’ as two, three or more ‘responsible-citizens,
having to up-date, clarify and ‘sea-change’
our Mindset and World-View,

this voluntary site
intends to continue showing more
of such “clearer-findings, facts and feelings” –

thus to let “revelation” help individuals and communities to clarify, clear, and update
and as needed to positivisingly
“change minds” –

thus to better pepare and activate “change-for-the-better”.

and to be better going on to be taking into ‘account’
our “to follow above” findings
and the overall-greater
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement” intention.