Essential De-conflationing

This “De-conflationing”
has levels and layers

therein requiring us to do both self- and co-
on an ongoing daily basis.
as one of our very own and collective life-enablement-essentials.

A “conflation” is the mind-functional “confusion” of two distinct entities being ‘lumped-together’ as being only one.

Thus, many quite distinct, if “same-family-like” terms are all too often and deliberately
being “conflated” into just one connotation or denotation.

“Sustainability” and “Sustainworthiness”
are two definitively-distinctly different ‘ideas’ and ‘events’.
The Workplace
(generally of 40 hours per week under an Employer)
also needs to be clearly separately ‘seen’ and defined
The Lifeplace.
(of 128 hours per week “after-hours” and NOT “under employment”).
And the latter “Workplace -versus-L:ifeplace”
constitutionally-legal “conflict”

to further contain “conflations” such as and perhaps “sub-conflations”
(as “mind-and-feeling” and “necessary-habituation” confusions)
such as that –
Under the United Nations “Human Development Program”
we find it to lack
an “Genericly Worldwide Individual Human Development”
model, index and programme.