Ever since 5000 years ago
a tiny
but “super-power-commanding”
“detached-on-high-downwards-directive Elite”
has prevailed and persisted worldwide
in militantly-adversary
profiteering imperialisms
500 years ago the great European
Imperialist Colonial foreign countries and peoples
“go-getting & enslavement”
was no improvement,

except on the reverse ‘shadow’ side of the coin
in “better”
and destructive
and dictatorial lifeplace as well as workplace
enforcement & enslavement “skills”…
Historicly the same design –
of selfishly-luxury-lifestyle detached
Adversarily-Militant-Elite –
has persisted;
and rules worldwide today.

Both immediate and longest-term
Values and Sustainworthinesses
have suffered neglect, stunting, and suppression,
in the overall one-way top-down dictated
of Human-Civilisations
and of their
Individual and Collective Human Development.
Massive amounts of Valuable Resources,
and of De-Facto-Enslaved-Peoples’-Labour & Produce
have been continuously “harvested”, “commandeered” and “won”
by that Militantly-Elite’s Forces;

and this has been likewise downwardsly accumulating
by the fantasy-based-hierarchies
with their corrupted and deluded class-levels
stacking-up many kinds of “indebtedness” .

The corruption and insidiusly-evil people and civilisations imbalancing
has been exponentially “growing” too,
because these massively accumulating Debts
have not had to be repaid
in any shape or form.

They have been “written-off”
and continue so to be “dealt with”.


There are increasing small numbers of People, worldwide,
having seen
become aware of
and disturbed by

by a contrastingly-tiny Elite
and also ‘leveragely’ their
Political and Class-Distinctional-Policies & Bodily-Enforcements

have taken to evaluating and -scrutinising
the Whole-Matter
and finding that it is palpably tantamount to Constitutional-Crime
to be mounting-up such Debts with no plan for repayment or redress
and no intention to make repayment or redress.

And there is a smaller number of people within that great growing number
who see an ijcreasingly vital and urgent need for a Peaceful-Reformation to bring Humankind onto a Non-Fantasized Civilisation based upon

Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement
and the ultimate practical-truth of
“One human being needs just one-human-living”.