are essential components
of every lifeform’s 24/7″
” self-movement-maintenance and mprovement” .

Likewise so are such self-movement components as

Each of these self-movement-ing essentials,
also needs “habitatual partnering” –

in other words
it is almost as essential
to regularly frequently
‘break new ground’
with a “study-buddy” partner

as it is to first making progress “all alone”.
Again herein, “timeframing” becomes essential to be both planned and dynamicly developed.
“Here-&-Now” is also important to observe and controleven if it simply must vary quite considerably.

Right now, for instance,
it has become “time”
for me to make a major sub-day change
[the day divides conveniently into 6-hours each Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night]
of going “snoozerily” ‘horizontal’
subjectively or co-subjectively
for 100, 190, 280, or 370 minutes
as the optional overall timeframing.
for such foundational, maintenance, and forward-progress Lifeplace-enablements-&-co-enablements.


So “here goes”
from say 1845 onwards in frames of 90 minutes plus one “waking-up-dream-finishing” sub-frame of (say) ten minutes …