Promoting Life

Not just Humankind
but all other Life on Earth

depends upon
not just the Sun, Moon and Universal-Weather-Patterns

but upon

Human Civilisation
both the
Earth’s naturally-evolving Lifeforms
All longest-term-preservable-and-conservable Lifesupportive–Essentials..

Now that both Humankind and Nature
are so clearly
to implement, constitute,
and materially-succeed-in
stewardshiply-nurturing Earth’s-Natural Lifesupports
Civilisationally-Co-Sustainworthily Preserving-&-Conserving
Earth’s and Civilisations’ Immediate-&-Longest-Term Lifesupports

it is high time the United Nations
and the whole 7+ billion individual-human-beings under them
begin Humankind-Generic Individual-&-Team
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”
and “Human-Movement Holisticly-Health-Buildingly Updating-&-Forwards-Improving”.

 Firstly, Humankind 
with its 7+-billion
future-planning glaringly incompetent 

and their so obviously

“leaders” and “leaderships”

and the whole super-wealthily-protected
and fantasy-hierarchly ‘glorified’
as well as a proliferating Nouveau-Riche “Captains-of-Industry” class,
of millions of Millionaires and thousands of Billionaires

deliberately creating, corrupting, and cripplingly-enforcing
deluded-fantasy-hierarchies .


The public-duty of The Media is to
“report the Facts, the Whole Facts, and Nothing But the Whole Facts”
to the entire world public of 7+ billion individual-human-beings
and to
to waste and corrupt the Public’s time and life-energy
by “power-playing-&-ploying”, “spin-doctoring” and “opinionating”.
Only occasionally does the Truth come through to the public
one TV station inviting life-experienced people-at-large
to answer to the world
through an on-air public interview and scrutiny-questioning.

John MacAffee is one such individual
who is having to “hide” from the USA Authorities
because of his facts-revealing
and clear fundamental reasoning.
[ John has just  been Interviewed
via necessarily-protectively-encryption-channels
by RTNews’s
“Going Underground
investigative programme.]

in the EU
throughout BREXIT

for many decades there has been available
a peacefully-advancing
” ‘No-Lose’ Method III Cooperative Problem Solving”
whereby every-one can be safe to find their own deepest-undelying rea Need, and equally-cooperatively and participatively plan a Solution whereby everyone affected gets their real-need equally-planned to be met.

“‘No-Lose’ Method III Cooperative Problem Solving”  

The European Union fails to facilitate Method III Cooperative Problem Solving, and so does the British Nation and its “Leaders” fail too.

We all in short-order start praying for a 

is a ‘last-ditch mutually-defeatist
“win-lose” method
always including considerable elements of the even worse “lose-lose”

{ An example of the “lose-lose” outcomes of Compromise is given by the Australian nternational Conflict Resolution Network “compromise” :-

A familyat sunrise time sees mother and father in bed whilst the two children have to be up early to get the bus to school.

In the kitchen there is just one orange left on the table, the girl says “I need this” but the boy is also declaring “I need it” – and the “arguyment” is eating away minutes of time and the bus can be heard coming up the long hill in the middle-distance – “Quick, let’s cut it in haslf” says one of the two children.. And so they both caught the bus.
That evening bat home again, mother asks “What was the argument this morning ?” “Oh, just that there was only one orhang and we each needed it”.

Father happens into the kitchen at this moment
“What did the daughter need a whole orange for ?”
“Cookery, class the skin-zest for flavouring”.
“And my son ?”
“I needed the inside flesh for lunch”.
It becomes clear to us now, that Method III cooperatively,
each could had their need met 100%
instead of compromisedly only 50%.
the satire-on-our-own-civilisation’s- cultural, constitutional and governmental Big-Problem is in George Orwell’s Animal Farm
wher the animals take-over the running of the farm
from an “unfair and exploitative” farmer.

And the pigs turn out to be the most “governmentally-capable” –
such that they emblazon up on the wall of the main barn the new edict
“All animals are Equal”

but in the middle of the niht, one of the young and agile pigs is sent up a ladder to “clarify” that edict a little further, thus :
“All animals are Equal, but some are more equal than others”.   

Which brings us face-to-face
slap up against
our Real Human World Predicament
wherein our Human-Civilisation Demand upon the Earth’s Lifesupports has far exceeded the Earth’s longest-term ability to go on meeting those Needs, Wastes, Destructions and Extinctions.

The “Fundamental Earthlife-Fact”
is -that
“Each animal needs just sufficient lifesupport
to maintain itself healthy and environmentally fitting-in”.

And thereunder comes our now overdue but Survival-essential equation:-

“One-human-being needs just one-human-living”.

Given that £300 pr week is such a suficient human-living for one person to maintain theirself healthy, citizenlike and environmentally supportive, then

“Any-one “needing” twice that (£600 pw)
is only 50% personally-efficient
at living in the 128 hours/week Lifeplace
and ‘making-ends-meet’ . . . “. 

“So on we go – – – his welfare is our concern . . .”