Our Life-Evaluation Duty

When our total world population was less than 2 billion persons,
“the world’s leading Countries and Democracies”
found no difficulty in “legally-dutifully” ordering and “bums-rushing”
our best young men and women

to take up arms by the million,

and to march off across foreign soils
to certain mass-mechanised bloody and filthy slaughter
as “patriotic cannon-fodder”
on behalf of super-wealthy-elite-establishments-in-power.
“at home”.

Now the world population has been and is faster than ever
to four-times
– a 400% increase on –
that “then-precious”
WW1 number –

are now almost
8 (eight) billion mouths
and pairs-of-legs
busy carrying-along and mobilising

How “valuable” are we likely to be
in comparison & contrast with
that 1900s so-readily-‘sacrificable’ yet so much “scarcer”,
and “smaller”
number of People ?

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