True and overall-effective “Society” and “Culture”
and both immediate and longest-term-sustainworthy Democracy
needs to be Cooperatively-Participatory –

which in turn comes down to forming
“sub-neighbourhood units” of three neighbours,
no more no less,
each and all able and willing to learn together,
mainly with ‘new-life-enablements’
and using ‘new’ parts of one’s brain and body –

this then becoming self-enabling to be a basic Cooperatively Participatory Democratisation unit
meeting in a large-enough room or hall to accommodate such threesome-tables in multiples of three
thus beginning with three such tables = 9 people, plus one Facilitator (and Scribe to collect and ‘collate’ all the needs, hows and concerns put together by each table-of-three).

A main reason for this “fixed table-of-three, no more no fewer”
is the absolute essentiality of quickly achieving