Our Body

“We are now alternating between being in our body, in our whole body,
and in nothing but our whole body”

Well, actually each of us human individuals, now having started to become seen in life-factuality as being “dividual”
[and recall that the thinker Gurdjieff found us to be each a “collection of ‘I’s’ – you are partly your father, your mother, your good-teacher but also alas! your bad-teacher – one is a collection of “persons” “selves” ].

That notwithstanding, we are also successively “concentric” groups of people – in the case of our “Nationality” we are part of the “Body” known as “British Citizens” or “UK-Residents”.

Also, since the body di materialise before the brain and therefore before the “mind” – the latter itself being of multiple kinds and manifoldly distributed throughout the individual humsn body
[see Wisdom of the Body Moving by Linda Hartley] 

it follows as night follows day [and neurological research has found this recently] that before the brain can “wake-up-to-and-believe-and-update-its-power-of-body-control” the body has first to have begun steadily performing the new-behaviour as many times as it takes for the brain to “join-in” and thus complete the essential new “habituation” of the “better-movement”
[see also Frank Wildman’s The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement ]