Every human-being alive on Earth
including any in aeroplanes, space-stations
or in any spaceship already heading for the next Life-Sustaining-Planet

has both a natural and a civilised need and duty
to be prioritising-and-proactivating
the present-and-future
Humankind-Purposes, Needs-&-Hows, and Governance-Constitutional Objects, Rules and Guidance-Foundations.

This is now possible to be instituted by the United Nations Organisation and achieved by National Lifeplace Cooperatively Participatory Democratisation Threesome-Tables Neighbourhood Egalitarianly-Hierarchical Plenums.

This requires a peacefully-revolutionary worlwide-internet, in its own right,
wherein every available document
including fiction as well as non-fiction publications,
is catalogued
applicationally-prioritised –
and ‘equalisticly’ or ‘disinterestedly’ so,
by both Public-Service Workplace officers and by any kind and ‘level’ of Lifeplace Person.

Have a little think about it, please.