Checklists – to be workable they need to be very brief yet both circumspect and pro-action-focusing.

Take our current essential checklists of
such as from Bolton’s People Skills
we could add the 76 “Feeling states” given after the 13 Roadblacks –
and a simple finding would be that such real responses of feeling as “flabbergasted” and “gobsmacked” do not appear therein [nor elsewhere].

and if they did, the list of 76 would quickly become 176 or more –
and that simply is not going to be a real-life-immediately-helpful checklist –
already 76 is quite “unwieldy” –

‘though in practical fairness it does provide a prep-homework practical-subject for perusal and self-watching.

So our “Essential Checklists Need” is for a small ‘handful’ of lists comprehensive enough to keep us “on track” with the full range within “Self-&-Civiulisation Co-Sustainworthying” life-essntial-commitment.