Your Choice

‘Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying’ –
the already onrushing Extinction ‘Avalanche;

You have to have made a choice by now.

“No man can serve two masters …”

Any one not supporting 
a peaceful revolution 
is inescapably
or unwittingly
supporting bloody ones” 
President John F. Kennedy.

You had better read on, dear friend,
because if you are not already
daily ongoingly newly-learning
the many micro-enablements of
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”
you think you are “perfect”
or you are being controlled and exploited
by other often invisibly-concealed ‘powers-that-be’
and thereby you see no need
for any “new”
and practical
human 128-hours/week lifeplace & human-living learning.

You have unwittingly become as utterly class-&-person-deluded as
(for instance)
the ‘decent career professional’
[such as the Psychiatrist –
yett s/he’s by far not the only nor worst deluded
Earth- as well as Human- Life-Wasting]
who is constitutionally-deluded

and you are only grossly-over-feeding
the deep, widespread, and high civilisational- corruption
corruptions of human-minds, human-energies, human-emotions, hearts, and bodies,
as well as of materials and monies

that when not deepestly-‘respectfully’ traditional
is none-the-less full of
‘nouveau-riches-phantasmagorially -successful
of a myriad of
different intents,

of utterly-flawed- but publicly-declared “basic-truth” algorithms,

of seriously holed and sapientally-blindfolded & gagged
religions, holy scriptures, and cultures

of malfeasantly-loopholed-governancial-constitutions

and of billions-numbers-of-abrogative-people as “loyal-members”.

If you truly are upholding a better
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying” Core
of Wholisticly-Ongoing-
Knowledge & Know-How
than has been published according to the lists given in
and this potential-public discussion e-site

then why aren’t you showing it
to such others as read and/or also publish
such not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-sites as those three above ?