At last we could “Get-Real” ?

The Past
with its naturally-revealed – and still growing –
Tomes of Facts
and its
but one-sidedly-suppressive,
and sometimes omissive, fabricated, and domineering
Histories,  Constitutions and Books of Law

is culminating in a “
Get-Real or be Disastrously-Extincted” –
‘between the Devil and the Deep Black Sea”

Our “best” and most-dominant human-‘leaders’
are each and all so utterly and domineeringly
that they are each many more than just one-human-being
and that
one-human-being both
and ‘deserves’ just one-human-living
that they have become
unable and unwilling
to learn new facts and new know-how
and are blindly-mistakenly preventing great numbers of subject-peoples –
in effect the-whole-of-humankind’s most-numerous bodies of people
from entering into such learning.