Referenda Our Peoples’ Only Democraticly-Practicable Hand on the Governance ‘Battlefield’ Steering Wheel ?

Two constitutionally-essential Empowerments are needsd by the UK Electorate [and by any Wholesomely-Real-&-Honest-Democracy]

  1. Frequent inter-general-election Referenda should be the democraticly-interim public statement specificly declaring the Peoples’ Sustain-worthy-ing Needs-&-Hows verbatimly as worded by The People, not one-way top-down directively by the Establishment, Legislature,
    Political-Power , Civil-Service, “Captains-of-Industry”, Academia, Judiciary, Media, Union, or other Exclusory-Power.
  2. Forwards Cooperatively Participatory Furthe Democratisation and 
  3. Voluntary Lifespan Individual Human Development and Wholistic-Wellness Androgogical Lifeplace Education [not Workplace Training] for all equally [including Holistic Health Building Enablements separately from the one-and-only highly-costly National Illnesses, Hospitals & Pharmacological Sector [unfortunately mistakenly titled ‘National Health Service’ whilst there is still no such legal entity as “Health” under English Law.