Some “background” stuff

Making One’s Life Sustainworthier –
Our Civilisation

At age 8 I won a place in the Cornwall County Secondary Schools stream, but suffered victimisation by the headmaster
specificly ‘torturing’ me endlessly with the cane on both hands
for something I didn’t do and didn’t understand.


At age 91 i have “at last” discovered
not only
that I personally can be helped
by right-therapy and personal-practice
to unlock-that-block
and more awarely and self-controllingly
progress holisticly-healthily –

but that now
although the surrounding civilisation is still “corrupt”
in that “punitively-pedagogic, adversarily enforced” “education”
and in many other senses
and further is still avoiding
the best-possible individual -human-development findings

as well as flawedly and expensively exclusively
”dog-in-manger” “pushing” of “reinforcement theory”£
monopolisticly collectively-aggregate human-development
and lifeplace-enablement-drill-schooling
to the minimisation of both holistic and lifeplace-enablement education.

It is increasingly possible to find right-wholistic and complementary therapists, educators. and authors of Knowledge & Know-How non-fiction authors.