Real-Life-Needs versus “Leaders”

As far as can be seen or detected, Humankind Civilisation still has got its Values and Means Hierarchies upside-down and inside-out.

Lifeplaces occupy 128 hrs/week
of a human-being’s 24/7/52/Decades/Lifespan timeframing basicly occupy only 40 hrs/week

Workplaces basicly occupy only 40 hrs/week

Lifeplaces primarily-essentially need transparently-exemplary, fully-emulable, sustainworthy-lifestyling, Leaders –
not Bosses, Oligarchs, Directors nor Dictators.

Wotkplaces in effect dominantly need Commanders & Commanding-Bodies over and above so called “leaders” or “facilitators”-

Our World has come to the grossly over-corrupt, fantasy, delusion, and “rewards-bribery” Hierarchical Point of
grossly overpopulating whilst one-eyedly under-educating and under-coordinating the diverse and disparated Peoples around the globe;
over-“harvesting & consuming” [qua also “wasting”] non-renewal as well as renewable lifesupports.

The hierarchichal corruption is multiple, of hearts & minds, of spirit & truth, of reasoning and responsibility, and of worldview-dispositioning as well as of power, goods and money.

It is that Hierarchical Corruption that needs an Utterly Completely Radical Reformation –
from the whole of the United Nations right down to the tips of the people’s ‘grass-roots’ all around the Earth.

Since you – (‘any-one’) – can only begin this minute to re-inform and re-educate any-one
{for instance by buying a copy of (say) “People Skills” by Prof Robert Bolton and lone-learning-&-practicing from it }

“what are you waiting for ?”