“Our British Values” and “Worldviews”

Since long before our British
Industrial-Revolution –
(  ~ 1735 )

which literally enslaved, exploited, tortured, maimed, and malfeasantly-killed-off
thousands of loyal, hard-working
British Citizens
including little children slavelike conscripted to hard-labour and near-starvation rationing
here “at home” in ‘Great’-Britain

our Monarchic
and later ‘Democratic’

were aggressively enslaving and looting overseas peoples and countries
in the name of
“Glorious Colonisation”

and our Establishmentarian British Values are still
rooted in those Inglorious Centuries –

[see How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth
world-scientists and stewards research and evidence teams
hosted and presented by our own
(not-necessarily the “British Monarchicly-Democratic Establishment’s”)
Sir David Attenborough
world-leading, educating and revered Biology and Ecology publisher. ]

We British Peoples are the second worst in the world at consuming
and also wasting
many times more than our fair-share of this whole Earth’s resources and labours
[500% more than our fair-share; USA 900% more; Other European Countries 400+%;  China only 10% more]

And there is more
not only
our “British-Values”
but maybe worldwide
every “Foreign People’s”
and “Minority-Community’s”