Inter-Lifeform Communication

has the fundamental sense of


i.e. basicly two-way ‘#[inter-contacting some sense and/or meaning”.

In the Armed Forces “communications” include roadways, railways, bridges, sea-lanes, and airfields –
and vehicles, equipment, supplies,
and ‘personnel’
and their movement

as well as the sending and receiving of verbal-messages..



Communications in Peacetime requires more than the rigours of war allow –
the “field” being immensely “wide” and “varied” –
as between musical-instrument players and audiences,
between deaf-persons (by using a Sign-Language);
between people needing to converse first”simply and instantly changeably”
“focally sticking to the same topic for an agreed longr length of tiome;
and then into a full-length, maybe an hour or more, of constructive- or cooperative discussion.

All of these communication modes and details
being necessary to human life-purpose communication
and maybe also to healthy-social-and-democratic progress –

we surely need to be ever-improving in mastering them and rightly-using them.


and that is where any of Earths Lifesupports become abused
or in any way threatened-with-overkiiling or eventual extinction.

we have an environmental-evolutionary “stewardship” duty
owned by and encumbent upon  each human-being
to be conserving, educating, and training
all lifeforms and lifesupports on Earth,
not just “the best socially-mobile human members of civilised-ssociety

– to live as symbioticly as possible. and


In which case,
when a lone human-being seeks to converse
and to further focally democraticaly,discuss
Needs and possible Affordable-Hows thereto
– but no other humans will join in such inter-communication
even though it is to be about Real-Lifesupports-Matters-&-Predicaments

then that lone person indeed must turn to other Lifeform(s)
Lifeforms which can, will an do communicate as best they can .

Thus the “kitty-money”
which the lone-individual would contribute
to the human-neighbourhood-co-sustainworthying-group

–   if it would only “exist”  –   

must as a Life-Duty be diverted
to communicating as best possible with Other-Lifeforms –  such as
ducks, pigeons, sparrows, and/or  seagulls.

there is nothing we can do to claim the £500
which by force of the Rule-of-Law the UK Civil Service charges the UK taxpayer
for a minimum-wage Sitter to sit once-only with a lone harmless old lady for a mere 7 hours.