URGENT : A Top-Priority Emergency “Revolution”

1st Draft Now-in-Progress

“Get the Questions right, first“.

Supposing an answer has already appeared
to the question
“How should we be managing, controlling, developing or limiting our Global Population Numbers and Qualities of Life ?”
And that Answer is 

“We should set-about making several billions of happy-euthanasia pills – to begin with people could volunteer …”
———  [ clearly this is likely to be considerably vital work-in-progress –
and again like so many “vital issues” both previously and currently
could so easily be left to limp-along-lame-duck-lagging-all-the-way”] ———-

  Heidi – and perhaps  Graham  –  maybe others at the nearby major University  –

What longest-term-sustainworthy-&-sustainworthying institutions and plans are already adequately in place and “performing-well” ?”
[Auhor jsdm:  “Be careful with such a “going-institution” as “Democracy” –
in case it becomes more solidly and urgently proven that
“We’ve never yet reached a True-Democracy”,
the nearest Governance being the
“Three-Party and  Elite-Oligarchy-Overarched Nation-State”.” ]

“What issues for Humankind’s Present and Longest-Term-Future
remain laggardly or not-progressed at all -”
[Author jsdm:  An instantial “finger” should perhaps be “pointed at” at least most Universities
whose “Sustainability” faculties are simply “not doing well at all” – reportedly “worldwide”]

“What remediation or resolution might be (or might soon become) eseential to be implemented ?”
[jsdm:  “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement Movements”
are the “all-round-Lifeplace-focusing” ways envisaged,
and promotingly-supported
by this threefold e-site group
Not-for-Profit, Power nor Prestige
http://www.lifefresh.co.uk :

[author jsdm]
Already all Life on Earth
plus much that is now non-life but may well be lifesupportively-essential
[such as Fossil-fuels, and precious-minerals & metals]
including every organised stratum and ‘level’ of Humankind 

is literally being “attacked, consumed, wasted, fought-against, disfigured, fractured, fracked,
and in a really perverse sense is being


of both Immediate-&-Longest-Term sustainworthy strategic planning.-
it’s as if we’v e all become stiflingly (incommunicately) “packed together – like sardines in a tin”.

But since our expert-leaders and governors are “factoring-out” parts of the “trunk” of the “Life-Tree”
in order to practive “grafting-on” fdoreign limbs –

[Instance:  Following on from advances made before and ongoingly after WW2 mainly in in England
We in our Western countries already had an all-round and in-depth non-fiction “encyclopaedia” of Human-Movement Essentials –
the first publication of such a “small” basic-encyclopaedic manual around 1950 by Laban & Lawrence Effort
introduced the 8-basic-human-movements
in 4-pairs of ‘opposites’
[e.g. Gliding is Light and Sustained whereas Pressing is Firm and Sustained]

We already also Need to be distinguishing our Task and Terms and clarifying them :-

Take as a Head-Word


simply because
oddly enough
when a highly-focused person
[e.g.an Academic or other ”Dedicated”-Career-Professional]

takes stock after a year, or five,
or even after-a-lifetime
of ‘dedicated-specialisation’ and ‘to the exclusion of all others’ –

what may well be facing them is
A lifetime of all-round-Life-stewardship” procrastination – a

and that may also be very-commonly the case even if they have become the “one-eyed-king-in-a-country-of-the-blind”



[ … a work-now-in-progress and needing great detail form many sides .. ] …