Future Constitutions as “Trees-of-Life”

Simply picture a Tree
as representing any large or small organisation
and its written constitutional guidances:

 The complete-and all-round and in-depth foundations of a Subject  need to be formed by the Complete Basic Guidances-
Thus as an instance:  In Human-Movement,
Books held as parts of the trunk would be
Awareness Through Movement
Wisdom of the Body Moving
since they are all-round and fundamentally complete;

Major ‘derivatives’
such as Tai Chi, and Pilates
should be seen as lower branches of the Tree
since they both ‘lean’ to one side
of such a complete-basic as the Laban&Lawrence Effort all-round knowledge and know-how..
and the Hartley Evolutionary Parallel of Human Movement Development in Wisdom of the Body Moving..



We may use “Trees” as constitutional “mind-maps” of a priority-useful and practical sort.



———– Let the Matter continue ————