Survival Scenarios

We few

self-&-civilisation co-sustain-worthy-ing people, and children,
attempt to be sharing what we find worthwhile
with the whole world of tuned-n-people-

including noticing many goings-on that are not worthwhile
but are often blatantly crooked, bad-governance and bad-leadership

good things that are being repressed and suprressed
and are not worthy to be carried forward into the future

And we do this ‘with these three voluntary-altruistic, paid-for-by-your-taxes,
not-for-profit, power nor prestige
“Earth-Citizens e-sites .

Because we the homo sapiens sapiens human-race on Earth
seriously-unconsciously –
“russian-roulette-wise” and “pyrrhic-victory-seeking”
“gambling” against the odds –
with not only our humankind survival
but with both the thrival and survival
of the vast majority of other Lifeforms
and of all of the main essential 
Life & Civilisation Supports
– supports natural to this Earth
 but irreplaceable, irreversible.  

For too long our human-civilisations and societies –
[not to mention the real-culprits “the wealthy & powerful but cowardly-elites”] –


have dictated that “luxury-holidaying”
actually  becomes “regular-24/7 luxury-living” –
as a
“just reward earned by hard-work”.

But the Bonanza can not last !


And that is why Reason points soberer minds to

“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustain-worthy-ing”

and to “One-human-being  needs  just  one-human-living”

=================== such a thrifty Scenario can only be contin ued, as wholehdeartedly as circumstances allow ===========================