Tasks Too Far


. . .  Take a Civilisationally-Deeply-Entrenched Financial-Fiasco
that originates as a crypticizedly-concealed deliberate constitutional
‘loophole‘ –

through which a Lifeplace-Individual’s personally-lifesupportive money
can be
by permanently-unsackable professionals as
“genuinely-honest & democraticly-trusted leaders
establishmentarian pillars-of-society’

such as are only today being seen under the revealing catch-term

In today’s world
a lowest-class individual person
has to have four bank accounts –
one for the Income to be received into,
one for the Expenses to be paid out from,

and one-each, ‘linked-back-up’ Savings account.

All four accounts are being maintained in adequate credit
by the client and by the income providers
such that there is always quite sufficient money in the two savings accounts
to cover any shortfall
between the receipt of an income-amount
and any expenditure dependent upon that income.

There is a monthly standing-order on the Expenses account
to pay £10.00 on the 28th day  to a Sustainworthy-Charity;

Due to circumstances beyond the clients control
an income was a day late in arriving –
at the same time as
the regular internal standing-order
to transfer top-up funds from the Income account to the Expenses account –

resulting in
the Expenses account being a few minutes temporarily £1.00 “overdrawn” –
upon which the
having programmed their computers to immediately “close-against-such-fault” had
(i)  stopped payment of the £10 to the Sustainworthy-Charity
(ii)  charged the client £35 for attempting to be “overdrawn”.

Yet there was plenty enough money in all three other accounts to cover such an “Act of God”.

And the same
iatrogenic banksterism
domineers all British Citizens
by not ‘just’ British banks
but by the overall Monarchicly establishmentarian
“Democratic Rule-of-Law”
to this day
“and for ever-and-ever”