You Are At-War-in-Your-Own Mind

We said it yesterday,

“By voting against the EU,
i.e. to “Brexit”
the British sovereignly-democratic people-majority
in effect
‘declared war’
culturally, economicly, and financially
upon the 27 other European countries.

those countries have adopted an actively competitive -defence {*}
against Britain –
the “winner” is fairly clearly most unlikely to be ‘Britain’.
{ * one of the best defences is “attack”).

RT News’s ‘Keiser Report’
[Max Keiser & Stacey Herbert- as experienced¬† financio-economico-reality ‘world-watch-dogs’]
is saying this today on a world-generic scale
]”] Because many countries are at bombs-&-bullets war with each other,
this fact gets into our minds and occupies them
such that our minds are filled with “wars” going on and on and on – – –
including the various “cold-wars” of finances; economics; idealologies; cultures;
and of expectations & projections’ [“]