The Censored Biggest Picture

The Censored and Carefully-Concealed  Biggest Picture of this whole Living-Earth Predicament –
which is

bigger than Brexit  
[which has in-effect “declared life-and-economic-war” upon Europe

bigger than the EU –
[which has in return self-defensively responded war-like’#]is


bigger than both USA and China and India and Japan and Brazil – put together –

and bigger than The United Nations and All of the Other Countries and Biomes Everywhere on this Earth-1 .

The EarthLife and Humankind-Future  ‘Biggest-Picture’ Destroyer is

& Its
Greedily-Destructive Technologies, Weapons-of-Mass-Destruction
Deluded Fantasy Hierarchical “Elite”
and their domineeringly
hen-pecking pyramidal
“Lets You and Them Fight”
Overpopulating-&-Over-Consuming Civilisations.