Slips, Certainties, and Sustainworthies.

In the previous post, about “Reasoning” –

thi e-site’s author-publisher made a “Memory-slipppp’

{pratical life-wise we have Freudian-slips –
as well, and Mind-slips’, Emotion-slips’, Perceptual-slipsĀ  –

the field is as “rich” with possibilities as is the
“Generational-Right-to-Redefine” .-
(1) In the USA rthe ‘Tower of Babel’ [pronounced Bay-bell) has been “generationally-redefined” asĀ  “the tower of babel [pronounced Babble]”.:..
(2) {“We all know”) that ‘Being shot in the back by your own troops” is no longer ‘accidental’ but “friendly” ‘fire’ .


Which further leads us to the “accidental” above error of
“The fallacy of Distribution”
when the non-malapropian term is actually “Division”- – –

the positive-‘fluence” arising is..within the accidentally mistaken word “Distribution”, a vital factor in Formal ArgumentationĀ  –