Our Current Major-Submission to UK Government and ‘Watchdogs’

A “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement” submission
to the Scrutiny-Members of the UK Westminster Parliamentary Government.


Why, and ‘What-for’,

has no Government Ministry, no NGO, no Media
[except certain non-fiction book-publishers]

nor any UK Workplace-Skills-Training

nor Lifeplace-Enabling-Education Sector, Service. University,
‘Shadow’-Education-&-Governancial-Information Body or Service


such advances in Knowledge & Know-How as have beenme being published, and notified-to-the World-Public by such e-sites as




and by JSDMiles through the”now temporafily-frozen” UK House of Lords “two-way participatorily-democratic ‘reach-out’ direct to the Public


especially addressing the effective inhibition if not “outright suppression” of such individual-human-development works as

(1) “The Thinking Body” by Prof Mabel Todd [1937]

(2) “Your Body-” biofeedback at its best, without  instruments, machinery, or

artificiality; by Prof Beata Jencks [1977};

(3) “Effort” by Laban & Lawrence [1947-1974];

(4)  “The Busy person’a Guide to Easier Movement” by Frank Wildman (after Moshe Feldenkrais’s “Awareness Through Movement”);

(5)  “Awakening Somatic Intelligence” by Risa Kaparo [2012];

(6) “How to ‘Win’ Every Argument” by Prof Madsen Pirie;

(7)  “Six Thinking ‘Hats'” by Dr Edward de Bono:


(8)(a)  “Leader/Teacher/Parent/People Effectiveness Training” by Dr Thomas Gordon, and subsequently

(8)(b)”People Skills” by Prof Robert Bolton :-

especially vis-a-vis the current abandonment of the

“‘No-Lose Method III of Needs-&-Hows Recognition and Cooperative ‘win-win-win’ Problem Solving and Conflict-Resolution”
therein implementationally-detailed –


“Brexit-&-EU Emergency ‘Lose-Lose’ Rushed Compromising” –

making it ‘plain-to-the-veriest-dunce’ that none of the Worlds Top Governance and Constitutional ‘Leaders’ and Power-Bodies
has yet comprehended and implemented either that Method III
or such other essential Generic Lifeplace Enablements and Individual Human Development Essentials
as have deeply-historicly-&-constitionally “fantasy-hierarchicly” been denied to all but the wealthiest-

topmost-establishmentarian minority
and their above-topmost wealthier-and-more-overcommandingly-powerful minisculely-few “elite”.


It is strongly, and possibly validly, arguable

that such guidance-sources as the above ‘short-list’
should be urgently and highly-importantly established within the Constitution,
as “rapidly-cooperatively-participatory-democraticly-updatable- guidance-sources”
to processes within the constitution
outcoming into the Legislatory, Judiciary, Executive, and Peoples’ Nation-State Powers”.


Submissor:  Mr John Sydney Denton Miles of 39B Miles MItchell Avenue PL6 5LY  U.K.
Who out of humankind-notionality ‘Earth-citizenship-duty’
needs to parallel-ly publish this matter
our voluntarily-altruistic and not-for-profit, power nor prestige e-site


immediately after submitting it ‘upwards’ via www.parliament.uk .