“What’s Up, Doc ?” – “What On Earth For ?”

A “cable” has been sent
but is it being shared-around among all people ?  

even including those multiple-millions of individually private persons
who unconsciously-procrastinatorily declare

“I don’t do politics, religion nor  human-relationships”

It is a “cable” about
‘our’ Brexit strategy
being undermined, insididously-cut-back, and compromised
by ‘Our’ Democratic ‘Conservative’ Government’s “Leader” and Prime Minister
having lapsed ‘renegade’
and become oneway-dictatorial towards both Parliament and People.


Bigger and the Biggest Threat to ll life on Earth

“imminent civilisation-collapse”

not up-front “asking”
,but deeply-concealing
What are our immediate-&-longest-term real-life-on-Earth – Needs ?”
How can we sustain-worthily best meet them ?”
“Well, yes it is being asked by an identifiable few:
but only about ‘Brexit’
and publicly only by an entrenched, overpaid,
and over-empowered-&-protected
member of the British Professional Political Class –

‘leaderfully’-focusing upon the flaws

underlying and pervading

our now will-of-the-People
“life or death”
Brexit  –
“Avoided-Need and Flawed Compromise Plan”
Lone-politician ‘Vince Cable’ categoricly advises via Parliament and TV
(“) These flaws “will not go away” “They will keep on coming back”. 


What even ‘he’ is revealing to us still totally omits Bigger-than-Brexit” Predicaments and Threats –
even the Bigger Matter of Civilisation-Collapse
and the Biggest Matter of

What neither he nor any of our governors and media key-people are also hiding-from All-People 
and denying-deliverance-of to all people under their Rule
is our Common Vitally-Basic and Foundational Need for
Immediate and Longest-Term
Sustain-worthy Holistic Living, Holistic Health-building, and Environment-stewarding & husbanding.

In this non-political
not-for-profit, power nor prestige trio of e-sites
http://lifefresh.net   http://www.lifefresh.co.uk    and    http://www.one-human-living.com
notionally “we” hold up the head-wording
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement-Improvement Movement”


What are our immediate-&-longest-term real-life-on-Earth – Needs ?”

How can we sustain-worthily best meet them ?”