“Our ‘The Big Query'”


Our Current Big Query

might be taken from the then-‘breaking-news’ short-list

(1)  Headline: EU-Brexit Top-Level-Leaders Reach a Compromise :
Global-Level Needs-&-Affordable-Hows Problem-Solving & Conflict-Resolution Methodology
remains ‘stuck’ in the miltantly “Lose-Lose Compromise” era of yesteryear.
The ‘No-Lose Method lll’ of ‘win-win-win’ Problem-Solving and Conflict-Resolution
has for decades been available to the Public
via bookshops, libraries, community-education-centres and university-courses,
in the form of
Leader/Teacher/People/Parent Effectiveness Training” by Dr Thomas Gordon [Originator] ;
and in the subsequent and further-developed
People Skills  by Prof Robert Bolton ]

[ jsdm http://lifefresh.net author, editor & publisher ] .

(2) UK Prime Minister & MotherTheresa May

from both
“God the Only Creator”
“Natural-Evolution” –

by at one fell-swoop herself “evolving” a “better Brexit”

In Progress